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Deduction and Observation

 I know it's not a Harry Potter story but I hope you'll like it.

For my best friends, Evelin, Noémi and Julcsi who love me as I am and for Szandra who can always inspire me also if I'm blue.


Preface-New Years Eve, 16 years before

It was the most snowy winter of all time remembered in the citizens’ mind. There were so hard snowings through Canada that travelling was nearly impossible. In the city of Edmonton the public transport was out of order and the streets were abandoned except a young girl. She was heading to her favourite bar, Ophelia where her friends were waiting for her to arrive for the party. Alice had two days until she got married, so she wanted to have an unforgettable party.
It was late in the night when she left the bar. Midnight might has passed too. When she reached the front door of their house, where she and Jasper lived, she saw that a lamp in the living room was still alight. Jasper had his farewell party the day before. When she entered the living room she saw Jasper fallen asleep in an old armchair. He must has decided to wait for her but he was so tired that he had fallen asleep.
She gently kissed her groom and wanted to leave the room when she felt a sudden thight around her waist. Jasper has woken up and seized her.
’Happy New Year, darling!’
’Happy New Year, Jasper!’
Chapter 1- The visit
It was the first week of school. April was leaving the science lab with her friends. When she took a turn on the corridor she ran into someone. It was the new student from England. He came here for his senior year. April saw him already in the summer. They met in the cornerr shop but have never talked. April felt the whole situation very embarrassing.
Later that day April and her best friend, Evelyne were baking cookies for the school trip when they heard the doorbell ringing distantly. They haven't expected any visits and April’s parents would use their keys. April, who was less dirty, washed her hands and went to see who came. She opened the door and saw the new guy from the school.
’Hello. I'm Harry. Harry Watson. I'm your new neighbour.’ 
’Oh, hi. Nice to meet you. I'm April. Can I help you?’
’No, I've just wanted to return this to you. You left it in school.’
’Thanks. I haven't even noticed that my book is missing. Sorry, but I have to go now. Thanks again.’
’Nothing, really. But next time be more careful. See you tomorrow at school. Bye.’
’Bye, Harry.’
April went back and told everything to Evelyne. She told about Harry, the „lost” book and so on. They made lots of cookies while discussing the appearance of Harry. Evelyne left at seven o’clock. Alice arrived a bit after Evelyne’s departure and Jasper at about eight o'clock. At dinner she told about her day but didn't mention the encounter with Harry.  Alice asked her whether she had met with the new neighbours. She admitted that yes, with Harry who is probably the son of the neighbours’. She told them about Harry’s appearance, that he came from Sommerset and a few things to which were easily deducible from his behaviour.
April was very talented in many moods. She had a logical and realist way of thinking. She played the piano and the guitar well. In her free time she loved reading detective stories although she soon knew who the accomplice was. She long wanted to become a detective. She studied hard at school and had a band, called „Joyful Roses”. She was the lead singer and occasionly played the acoustic guitar, Alec playing the bass guitar and Romain at the drums. Alec was one year upper than April in the same school but Romain attended Queen Elizabeth High doing his final year.  They had a few „concerts” before but during the summer break they got their big chance. They were asked to play on the Autumn Festival of the city. 
The next day she met again Harry in school. She sat with her friends in the lunch break when Harry went straight to them. He asked April if she could speak with him, face to face. She agreed and followed him a little bit away. She hasn't had any idea about what he wanted to tell her. When they reached the great oak he finally stopped.
’Well?’-she asked.
’Sorry, what did you say?’
’I've just wanted to know if you would be my partner at the prom ball.’
’Oh, well…I’ll think about it, okay?’
’Right. See you later.’
She went back to her friends and told them about the invitation. They said to accept it but she told them that Romain is also in his senior year and she knew him more, longer and better and he might ask her to dance with him. and she won't dance with a ’rookie’ just because he asked firstly.
All day long she was thinking about the prom ball. She was happy to be able to dance as a second-year but she didn't know who with. During the band’s rehearsal she asked Romain about the prom ball. He answered that he has no intention to dance. April was a bit disappointed because she hoped that he asks her as well as Harry did. It was a long-lasting attraction from April’s part but it seemed that Romain doesn’t feel anything like that. It seemed if he never was attracted to anyone. She wondered during long hours before about it but never could realise why he was a so ’unfeeling machine’.
When she returned from the rehearsal she throw her bag in her room and went down to get something to eat. After she finished eating she fetched Toby, their Jack Russel Terrier to go on a walk. She met Harry also in the park. He was drawing. April went past him but it seemed that he failed to notice her presence as he was concentrating hard. She went behind him and placed one hand on Harry’s shoulder. He turned around suddenly and seized her hand.
’Hello. What are you doing?’
’I'm following you, what else? No, in fact I'm on a walk with Toby.’
’Nice dog. What are you listening to?’-and he indicated the headphones hanging from April’s neck.
’Um, Florence & The Machine, The Black Keys. Do you know them?’
’No, I've never heard about them. I grew up on Rolling Stones and The Queen. Can you show me?’
’Yes, here you're.’-and she handed him her Ipod. ’Just turn on.’
For a few minutes there was silence between them. Finally Harry gave back her Ipod.
’They’re good. And what about your music?’
’What? You mean the band? I think it’s quite good but we could do better.’
’I doubt it.’-he said smiling. ’When do you have the rehearsals? I'd like to go to one.’
’Oh, it’s nice that you're intrested but nobody can come to them, sorry.’
’Pity. But you must have some stage performance.’
’Well, actually we’ll have some songs performed on the Autumn Festival.’
’That’s great. I think Mr. Toby wants to go home. Bye.’
April went home and started to pack for the school trip. She was quite ready, she only needed the sandwiches. Her father made delicious sandwiches. After April has finished she turned on her laptop to check her e-mails and Facebook. She got two new requests. One from Harry and an other from Jack Peterson. It was soon relieved that Jack new her from an old vacation in England years ago. They  talked a bit, but Jack had to go on training. Not much after April's mum has arrived.
To be continued...




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